SS-5H-2A-BK, 2A Radial T Non-Resettable Wire Ended Fuse, 250V ac

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Body Length: 8.5mm
Fuse Speed: T
Wire Diameter: 0.6mm
Body Material: Plastic
Brand: Cooper Bussmann
Lead Orientation: Radial
Body Width: 4.3mm
Maximum Operating Temperature: +85°C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C
Body Height: 8.35mm
Current Rating: 2A
Wire Length: 4.8mm
Wire Pitch: 5.08mm
Voltage Rating: 300V ac
Breaking Capacity at Maximum Voltage Rating: 100 A @ 300 V ac
Бренд: Cooper Bussmann
Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers
Cooper Bussmann SS-5H Series
Bussmann SS-5H series time-delay subminiature fuses are an ideal PCB fuse solution and can be used within a wide variety of applications.Bussmann SS-5H series fuses protect agaianst harmful overcurrents in primary and secondary applications. Bussmann SS-5H series are suited for use with power supplies, notebooks, white goods, TV’s/displays.