C22G63, Патронный предохранитель

344,00 руб.

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Артикул: 1173722 Категории: ,
Склад №110-12 дней344,00руб.319,92руб.309,60руб.302,72руб.292,40руб.275,20руб.268,32руб.
Склад №25-7 дней646,72руб.595,12руб.584,80руб.571,04руб.550,40руб.519,44руб.505,68руб.
Склад №35-7 дней657,04руб.605,44руб.591,68руб.577,92руб.550,40руб.522,88руб.512,56руб.
Склад №410 дней412,80руб.378,40руб.371,52руб.361,20руб.350,88руб.330,24руб.319,92руб.
Склад №57 дней598,56руб.550,40руб.536,64руб.526,32руб.509,12руб.478,16руб.464,40руб.
Склад №610-12 дней374,96руб.347,44руб.337,12руб.330,24руб.319,92руб.299,28руб.292,40руб.


Размер предохранителя: 22.2 x 58мм
Скорость срабатывания предохранителя: 5ST
Материал корпуса: Керамика
Производитель: Cooper Bussmann
Диаметр: 22мм
Габаритная длина: 58мм
Номинальный ток: 63A
Номинальное напряжение: 690В перем. тока
Отключающая способность (при максимальном номинальном напряжении): 80 dB
Категория применения: gG – gL
Бренд: Cooper Bussmann
Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers
IEC Cylindrical Fuses
Our range of products is available for domestic applications. These ceramic fuses are also available with an optional visual indicator. Fuse links comply with IEC60269-1, 60269-3, 60269-3-1 and also meet the requirements of NF and UNE standards.
What material are these made from?
All series of cylindrical fuse links have ceramic bodies and silverplated copper end caps.
Why choose ceramic cartridge fuse?
Ceramic and glass cartridge fuses have similar properties. The capacity of a ceramic cartridge fuse is higher than other fuses, which means that ceramic fuses can be used in circuits that have a higher current. They are perfect for protecting against overheating.
What size is it?
Sizes 8 x 32 mm, 10×38 mm, 14×51 mm & 22×58 mm in both Class gL-gG and aM are also available with a built-in striker for micro-switch operation and remote indication. Class gL-gG and aM fuse links are intended for industrial applications. All industrial fuse links are available with an operated visible fuse indicator.
What voltage is it?
This range of cylindrical fuses links is available in a wide selection of physical sizes and current ratings for applications where the system voltage is 400, 500 and 690 Volts AC.